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Black Mountain, “Mary Lou” MP3

At the end of last week, Black Mountain released “Mary Lou” an eight minute stoner rock epic that’s probably about something, but we ended up just riding that eternally hypnotic bassline and thinking about how … read more »

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Video: Black Mountain, “The Hair Song”

If you were to call your friend in Germany tonight to tell him/her all about Black Mountain, you’d be left with a few options when he/she asks, in frustratingly perfect English, “What does this Bläck … read more »

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Premiere: The FADER Issue 69 Featuring Glasser and Spoek Mathambo

On stands soon (Unless your carrier breaks street date. Not mad.) is our fall fashion issue, featuring cover stories on Glasser and Spoek Mathambo, along with features on The Walkmen and a heavy look into … read more »

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Black Mountain, “The Hair Song” MP3

Sometimes we’ll get emails from people that describe bands as “meat and potatoes” rock, and we’re like WHAT IS THAT AND IS IT GOOD? Like, meat and potatoes can be amazing to eat sometimes, but … read more »

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Video: Black Mountain, "Old Fangs"

A few, very nerdy things: 1.) Black Mountain have never sounded so much like Queens of the Stone Age. 2.) But wait, oh shit, that bridge is pure Pink Floyd. 3.) And then, well that’s … read more »

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Video: Black Mountain, “Old Fangs”

When you’re in your early teens you have to get out of town any way possible. That meant going on weird road trips with our parents and our friend’s parents. It meant hours of hot … read more »

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Black Mountain, “Old Fangs” MP3

Maybe it’s because the download demand was too much, but it took us somewhere close to half-an-hour to download the first single from Black Mountain‘s third album Wilderness Heart. We were expecting it to be … read more »

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Pandemonium Jones’ Skull Candle Mix

The reason that we will forever pay attention to whatever Caps and Jones do—together or separate—is that they are super chilled out when it comes to DJing. Not every mix needs to be a kajillion … read more »

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Notes From Middle America – Black Gasoline

I have to ask. What happened to rock? Has it become passé or uncool for a band to struggle, tour, play shows night after night to build a fan base without the help of excessive internet buzz or douche bags in the “hip” magazines who supposedly have their fingers on the pulse of the American youth culture? If a band has to work hard to get what they have, is that far less important than the mandatory polo shirts they wear on stage? read more »

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