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ANTHM f. Black Rob, “Stolen Whips” MP3

This beat is like the aural equivalent of sangria, a Mediterranean lilt to the guitar sample. It’s kind of unusual, a particularly strange accompaniment for a Black Rob cameo. But, much as Harry Fraud’s unconventional … read more »

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Video: Lil Cease f. Black Rob and Peedi Crakk, “I Don’t Know”

There’s been a lot of talk about the East Coast opening up to more outside influences. One example of this phenomenon, which I suspect may be coincidental, is the renaissance fair production style of Harry … read more »

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Diddy Dirty Money

Live: Diddy Dirty Money and Guests at Hammerstein Ballroom

Diddy’s Dirty Money crew performed to a rapturous audience at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Friday. It was as much a tribute to Diddy‘s career as to his latest record. Last Train To Paris is a … read more »

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Video: Black Rob, “Ventilation”

It’s hard to say what exactly keeps bringing us back to Black Rob. The rap industry no longer turns in this dude’s favor, and really, it only briefly did. Maybe that’s part of the appeal. … read more »

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Black Rob, “New York” MP3

Black Rob sounds exhausted, and he probably should. Dude has been in and out of jail for awhile and his career has spanned a couple distinct transitions in New York rap. It’s not really a … read more »

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