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The Wake

The Wake Are The Most Influential Band Of All Time (Just Kidding Sort Of)

The first single Glasgow-based band The Wake ever released had two amazing songs on it: “On Our Honeymoon” and “Give Up.” On both tracks, the bass is dominant, powering the rest of the track forward … read more »

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Zodiacs 7-inch cover

Stream: Zodiacs, “Faraway Friend”

WE ARE SUPER BUSY THESE DAYS. As you probably also are. There is no time to do everything. Too much music and too many websites and, man, too many comment wormholes to fall into on … read more »

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Stream: Blank Dogs’ Album Land and Fixed

If you’ve been keeping track of Mike Sniper’s career as Blank Dogs, you’ll have noticed that he’s gradually been moving away from the heavier, muddier early material and into a cleaner, brighter (and sometimes pretty … read more »

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Blank Dogs, “Northern Islands” MP3

Renaissance man extraordinaire, Mike Sniper aka Blank Dogs, just release a track from his upcoming album Land and Fixed on his own label, Captured Tracks. The song is a blippy dreamscape of beats and sounds … read more »

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Blank Dogs, “Heat and Depression” MP3

Blank Dogs‘ progression has been an interesting one, going from a one man band reluctant to play too many live shows, to a fully fleshed out project with other members and a serious stage presence. … read more »

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Blank Dogs and Silk Flowers Make Mixes

Feels like we post these FACT mixes every time they release them, but they’re a great window into the minds of artists that we spend a lot of time listening to. Coming with some of … read more »

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RCRD LBL Freeload: Blank Dogs, “Tin Birds” MP3

The slow rise of Mike Sniper bka Blank Dogs from someone seemingly fighting success at every turn, reluctantly going from a warbly goth pop enigma when we wrote a story about him in FADER #59, … read more »

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No Fun Fest Day 2 (Sonic Youth, Bardo Pond, Blank Dogs, Yellow Tears & More) @ Music Hall of Williamsburg | Brooklyn

No Fun Day 2 Report: Sonic Youth, Blank Dogs, Bardo Pond and a slew of other like-minded noiseniks get together for a night of abrasion at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. read more »

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Audio: Roman Soldiers Scare Us A Little Bit

On one of our increasingly rare MySpace vision quests, we came across Roman Soldiers, a collaboration between vocal effects gurus Gary War and Blank Dogs. Guess what? It’s really gothy, dark and spacy. No word … read more »

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Video: Blank Dogs, “Setting Fire to Your House”

Finally we know what Inland Empire crossed with the Department of Eagles’ choreographed army looks like. Spooky, scary. (via Pitchfork TV)

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