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Stream: Frank Ocean, “Pyramids (Blue Sky Black Death Remix)”

FADER PREMIERE “Pyramids” is one of Frank Ocean‘s most epic songs, and this remix from Blue Sky Black Death doubles down. The unofficial edit keeps the song’s signature whir but slows down for intensity. Then … read more »

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Stream: Blue Sky Black Death f. Gucci Mane, Deniro Farrar, Nacho Picasso and Mack Shine, “Keys”

FADER PREMIERE Seattle/Oakland duo Blue Sky Black Death, just released Glaciers, a new LP of ten-minute shoegaze-y songs they produced on a 1999 looping program. To celebrate, here’s “Keys,” a bonus cyber-posse cut featuring previous … read more »

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Video: Deniro Farrar f. Child Actor, “This Is It”

Deniro Farrar’s “This Is It” isn’t from his new album The Patriarch, but from his collaborative EP with production duo Blue Sky Black Death, Cliff of Death, which preceded it. “This Is It” is indicative … read more »

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Video: Deniro Farrar & Blue Sky Black Death, “Just in Case the World Ends”

A video that features dudes in full camo gear, hiding out in a shack in the woods, counting money and doing bumps of cocaine off knives just before—spoiler alert—getting raided by some older soldiers as … read more »

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Stream Blue Sky Black Death and Deniro Farrar’s Cliff of Death Album

Since 2006, it’s felt like production duo Blue Sky Black Death has been looking for a voice for their instrumentals. In addition to releasing mostly vocal-free albums filled with lush epics that sounded like they … read more »

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Stream: Mr. MFN eXquire, “The Message 1 & 2″

Hear “The Message 1 & 2,” a two-part track from Mr. MNF eXquire produced by Seattle duo Blue Sky Black Death. For “1,” eX spits with a controlled, almost hypnotic flow, those who prefer him … read more »

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Download Deniro Farrar’s Album Destiny Altered

North Carolina’s Deniro Farrar has released his debut album Destiny Altered. In a much-deserved hat tip, he’s passing 100% of profits to the album’s producers, an impressively compiled upper tier group of cloudy, based Bandcamp-dominators—SKYWLKR, … read more »

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