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Accra, Ghana

GEN F: Bola

Volume 7, as the name suggests, is the seventh release from Bola, who, along with a handful of others, has pioneered the fusion of traditional kologo music (the kologo being a two-stringed lute made from … read more »

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The FADER #79 Podcast

Philip Glass is an icon of the avant-garde, which more or less means the star of FADER #79 is a weirdo of mythic proportions. In that spirit, and in his honor, we’ve crafted one of … read more »

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World Premiere! The FADER #79 Featuring Philip Glass

The most famous, absurd anecdote about Philip Glass, the subject of our annual Icon Issue this year, is that around the time Einstein on the Beach was performed at the Metropolitan Opera in 1976, he … read more »

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Recently, I watched Xavier Beauvois’ very good movie, Of Gods and Men. It’s a narrative film based on a true story about nine Trappist monks living in Tibhirine, Algeria during the mid-’90s, when radical Islamists … read more »

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Bola, “Abayetidu Ma” MP3

By far one of the most ridiculous conversations ever is to talk to people about desert island records, because if we all really had to pick one album to bring to some dry island in … read more »

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Stream: Bola, “Abayetidu Ma”

Awesome Tapes From Africa, the long-running blog, turned into a record label late last year with the release of Mali’s Na Hawa Doumbia‘s La Grande Cantatrice Malienne Vol 3. Awesome Tapes’ second release is due … read more »

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