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Live: Levi’s Station To Station

On a different night, it might have seemed intensely out-of-the-ordinary to spot a stylish young woman slipping out of her Loubitouns and entering a tent-like, dandelion-yellow structure with pillow soft floors and elastic appendages stretching … read more »

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Boredoms’ Shinji Masuko Remixes Zs

Last time we heard from Brooklyn improv-rock collective Zs, they were high-tailing it to Japan for the first iteration of their traveling remix installation. For the project, they invited a heard of musicians into a … read more »

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Stream: San Gabriel, “Can’t Work” + EYE (of Boredoms) Remix

There was a point where it felt like Boredoms might have been the secret originators of like all music ever. It wasn’t that they had been around since the beginning of time or anything, it’s … read more »

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Three Years Later, We're Not All That Sure What We Did at 77 BOA DRUM

We drank free beer and the bridge was behind us and then once people started drumming and Eye started jumping up and down, we just drooled. For probably the entirety of the performance. Drool for … read more »


It’s Ridiculous That We Forgot How Awesome 77 BOA DRUM Was

Believe it or not we briefly forgot about one of the best musical days ever, aka 77 BOA DRUM aka the day we watched Eye from the Boredomswield a trident while 77 drummers went bananas … read more »

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This one from Boredom’s Yoshimi and her side-job OOIOO was on the internet a week ago but it wasn’t in this Flickr set so we missed it. It also just so happens that we’ve been … read more »

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ATP New York 2009: Babies and Drums

Boredoms’ drummer Yojiro (YO2RO) Tatekawa was carried into the main performance space on a platform carried by eight dudes, ten minutes into the already heart-exploding Boadrum 9 reprise at ATP New York last Sunday. He … read more »

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Flaming Lips Announce All Tomorrow's Parties Lineup

Looks boring. Just kidding! Looks awesome! read more »

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Boredoms and Gang Gang Dance Played on Russian Ferry During an Eclipse

We have been trying to ferret reports of Boredoms and Gang Gang Dance playing on a Russian ferry boat during a solar eclipse on July 22nd, but have, until now, been fruitless. But Brian Degraw … read more »

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Boredoms' Boadrum 9 To Take Place At Terminal 5 on 9/9/09

Hot time, drummers in the city. read more »

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