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The Things I Carry: Deerhunter

Before a surprise onstage introduction from Diddy at last Friday night’s FADER FORT Presented by Converse, Deerhunter stopped by for a midday chat. Here’s what they were toting around before the show; earplugs, inhaler, car … read more »

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Stream: Lonnie Holley, “Six Space Shuttles and 144,000 Elephants”

In 20 years, there’s probably one phone interview I’ll truly remember: talking with Lonnie Holley for a Personal History feature in the magazine, in which the 62-year-old visual and musical artist recounted being adopted into … read more »

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Watch the Trailer for Grant Singer’s Bradford Cox Documentary

We’ve seen some of Grant Singer’s grainy, spirited camera work for the likes of DIIV and Gambles, and now he’s turned his lens on the ever enigmatic Bradford Cox in his new documentary Youth Museum. … read more »

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Stream: Atlas Sound, “Amplifiers”

Bradford Cox, we can barely keep up with you. This is basically the one millionth teaser track from Cox’s upcoming Parallax, which recasts him as some sort of rock n roll alien, but mostly just … read more »

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Atlas Sound, “Te Amo” MP3

Bradford Cox is doing a pretty good Bono-esque caterwaul here. Seriously, just close your eyes and pretend when he clips the “te” and drags the “ahhhh” in te amo. It’s very effective, the counterpoint to … read more »

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Bradford Cox Artificial Snow Worktapes

Atlas Sound, The Artificial Snow Worktapes

It’s really close to a holiday, which means Bradford Cox is holed up somewhere either recording or listening incessantly to older songs. Here we’ve got five takes on the same kinda Christmasy song that is … read more »

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Atlas Sound’s Bedroom Databank Vol. 4

In a mindboggling move, the anti-piracy wing of Sony Records deleted Bradford Cox‘s own recordings that he uploaded on his own website. He’s since changed the links, so now we can all enjoy Volume 4 … read more »

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Atlas Sound’s Bedroom Databank Vol. 3

Dude, Bradford Cox. What the hell! Are you cleaning out your external harddrive or something? We’ll say this: he’s got good timing. Unloading this much music on us right before a holiday weekend guarantees that … read more »

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Atlas Sound’s Bedroom Databank Vol. 2

Because Bradford Cox has apparently decided we’ve all had enough time to get into Volume 1, he’s throwing a new album length installment out into the world. Presumably he’s recording all these songs while we’re … read more »

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Bradford Cox Covers Bob Dylan, Kurt Vile on Atlas Sound’s Bedroom Databank Vol. 1

Georgian home recording ultra maven Bradford Cox has a new harmonica heavy mixtape available for free download on his blog. It sounds like The Beatles, it sounds like the Appalachians. It also (almost) literally sounds … read more »

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