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Stream: Captain Murphy, Earl Sweatshirt, Viktor Vaughn and Thundercat, “Between Villains”

Last year, Flying Lotus debuted his rapping Captain Murphy alter ego with “Between Friends,” a loosie collab with Earl Sweatshirt for Adult Swim’s summer Single Series. This year, the two return with Viktor Vaughn aka … read more »

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Earl Sweatshirt, “Whoa” Live at the FADER FORT Presented by Converse

This afternoon, Earl Sweatshirt, along with his DJ Captain Murphy aka Flying Lotus, hit the stage at the FADER FORT Presented by Converse. He tore through songs old and new, include this definite hit, “Whoa.” … read more »

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Captain Murphy Is Flying Lotus

As suspected, Flying Lotus is the man behind mystery rap act Captain Murphy. Draped in a gold cape, Lotus performed as Murphy last night at The Airliner in LA. The promised, deluxe edition of Murphy’s … read more »

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Stream Captain Murphy’s Duality Mixtape

Captain Murphy, the enigmatic cartoon rap persona/potential supergroup that features baritone vocals from someone that sounds like Tyler, the Creator and whose identity has been pegged to a number of high and low profile rap … read more »

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Captain Murphy f. Aziz Gibson and Jeremiah Jae, “Immaculation” MP3

Captain Murphy, the anonymous rap persona who may or may not have been created by Flying Lotus, has released a new, drifting track built from a classic break via Twitter. Featuring two artists signed to … read more »

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Captain Murphy, “Shake Weight (TNGHT Version)” MP3

A couple weeks ago a mysterious rapper named Captain Murphy appeared alongside Earl Sweatshirt on the Flying Lotus-produced Adult Swim single, “Between Friends.” Many assumed he was a pitched-shifted Tyler, the Creator, but Murphy denied … read more »

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Flying Lotus f. Earl Sweatshirt and Captain Murphy, “Between Friends” MP3

Alongside a guttural, Tyler, the Creator-sounding rapper named after a vintage Adult Swim cartoon captain, Earl Sweatshirt relaxes over a languid, twinkling Flying Lotus beat on “Between Friends,” the sixth installment of this summer’s 12-part … read more »

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