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Cassette Playa Teams Up With Snog Ice Cream for UK LGBT Rights

June is here, which means a celebration of two very important things: gay rights (via worldwide Pride) and ice cream. British frozen yogurt brand Snog, is celebrating both at the same time with their #FirstSnog … read more »

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TMI Interviews from Telfar, Hood By Air and Cassette Playa

We’re obsessed with a new V Files video series that asks some of our favorite people dumb/genius questions like “What’s Hot and What’s Not?” in 2012 and for the exact definition of the word “Swaggot,” … read more »

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Miss Popular: Gerlan Marcel

Gerlan Marcel is leading the charge for a brighter fashion future. Seated in a small, windowless studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, a salon smock draped around her shoulders, Gerlan Marcel is art directing a side pony … read more »

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Cassette Playa’s Armageddon Fashion

Plenty of designers have been rummaging Tumblr memes and Hackers to find inspiration for their fall clothes, and there’s been debate about who does it authentically and who is just copying the cool kids. But … read more »

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Cassette Playa and Ambush Collaborate On Creepy Creatures

Cassette Playa and Ambush have joined technicolor forces to create a collection of necklaces, bracelets and bolo ties in shapes and color ways that are strangely reminiscent of the Nickelodeon of our childhood. We’ve got … read more »

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Get Neuromanced with Cassette Playa A/W 2010

We wrote about Cassette Playa’s fall cyberpunk fantasy collection, Augmented Reality: Neu Romance, when designer Carri Munden showed back in February. Fitted with a make-your-own avatar machine, she premiered the first-ever clothes that can be … read more »

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Power Drift Nation: Cassette Playa’s Bassline Mixtape

This bassline mix opens with a luscious-voiced R&B girl singing Cassette Playa‘s name in an official-sounding coo, then disintegrates into an hourlong splatter of beats and bass worthy of one of the rave-inspired streetwear designer’s … read more »

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Staff Affections

Every Thursday, FADER style assistant Alex Frank asks employees and employers at our favorite shops around the world what their most cherished in-store item is at that exact moment. This week, we caught up with … read more »

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Cassette Playa Brings Virtual Reality Inside the Closet

Cassette Playa‘s latest presentation was pegged as fashion’s first ever live augmented reality performance, and if like us, you had no idea what that actually means we’ve cut and pasted a definition below: “Augmented reality … read more »

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Backstage at Cassette Playa Spring 2010

The press release for Cassette Playa‘s spring 2010 show read “dune gone dubstep,” which made perfect sense when the lights went up on her collection yesterday afternoon at Santos. After a brief flirtation with Celtic … read more »

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