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Stream CEO’s New Album, WONDERLAND

Sweden’s CEO, otherwise known as ex-Tough Alliance member Eric Berglund, has shared a number of promising tracks– including the title track, “Whorehouse” and the shimmering and aptly titled “Mirage,” as well as an unexpected Kanye/Chief … read more »

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Stream: CEO, “MIRAGE”

On February 4th, Sincerely Yours co-founder Eric Berglund will reanimate as CEO with WONDERLAND, a record inspired by “a trillion things. Bumblebees, death, Squadda B, high school girls, Jungfrukällan, etc.,” he says. He previously shared … read more »

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Interview: CEO

Sweden’s inimitable CEO talks divine inspiration and loving yourself unconditionally My favorite FADER feature you’ve probably never read is Pete Macia’s 2008 Tough Alliance cover story, showcasing gorgeous pictures of soccer in Gothenburg, some insight … read more »

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Stream: CEO, “Hold My Liquor” (Kanye West Cover)

CEO, the Swedish pop mastermind with a hand in Tough Alliance and Sincerely Yours, continues his ramp-up for album number two with “Hold My Liquor,” a Kanye West cover. Amazing to hear one of the … read more »

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Tough Alliance member and Sincerely Yours co-founder Eric Berglund is back with his solo project CEO—which has apparently gone from lowercase to all-caps. Today, Modular announced that WONDERLAND, CEO’s sophomore album, will come out February … read more »

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ceo, “Illuminata” (Dan Lissvik Remix) MP3

Remember when everyone was obsessed with the beach and then not long after that, everyone was like, Shut up about the beach! Swedish duo Studio definitely predated and outlasted that whole thing. Their album West … read more »

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Stream: ceo, “Ave Maria”

Tennis! The most melancholy sport of all sports. People dressed in all-white moving in pained silence across a court while people (probably also in white) sit quietly in the audience, occasionally gasping. It’s pristine and … read more »

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Stream: ceo, “Halo” (Beyonce Cover)

We’ve talked forever (even as recently as yesterday) about how ceo‘s ultra-positive yet still kinda dark pop is pretty amazing to listen to. But it’s only hearing this cover of Beyonce’s “Halo” that makes us … read more »

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Video: ceo, “Illuminata”

Both ceo and The Tough Alliance have a strong habit of making songs that are more or less built on a foundation of pure joy. Running through wide open fields, picking a flower and then … read more »

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Young Galaxy, “Queen Drum” (Henning Fürst Remix) MP3

Whoa whoa whoa hold on a second, Henning Fürst of The Tough Alliance basically made a Timbaland beat from before Timbaland started making music to soundtrack a particularly long stay at the mall. There’s not … read more »

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