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Stream: Twerps, “He’s In Stock”

“He’s In Stock,” the latest from Aussie rockers Twerps, is a bolt of bittersweet wails and whines. Set over measured arpeggios and an elated tempo suited for sitting in the back of your Volkswagen van … read more »

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Stream: Fabulous Diamonds, “Lothario”

“Lothario” is the first single from Commercial Music, the upcoming third LP from Melbourne’s psychedelic duo Fabulous Diamonds, comprised of Nisa Venerosa and Jarrod Zlatic. The song’s finely textured and bewitching, working low surging vibration … read more »

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Twerps, “This Guy” MP3

“This Guy,” the first and most easy-riding track from Twerps’ forthcoming self-titled LP, could really be a song about anyone. But since it’s the only album track that lady guitarist Julia MacFarlane carries the vocals … read more »

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