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Video: Stay+ f. Queenie, “Crashed”

We published a GEN F profile on the cheeky but always awfully dark UK producers Stay+ about this time last year, and judging by “Crashed,” they’ve spent the between time polishing a more direct and … read more »

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GEN F: Stay+

Stay+, the UK-based, self-proclaimed “fictional dance” collective, has an exceptionally spotty history of giving straightforward interviews. Actually, the only one in existence is a string of YouTube videos-as-answers to very direct questions. But beyond the … read more »

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Video: Stay+, “Fever”

This is the story of what happens when the night catches up to you, in reverse (i.e. probably shouldn’t have done all that coke, probably shouldn’t have continued to drink after I did all that … read more »

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Stream: Computer Magic, “End of Time” (Stay+ Remix)

Stay+ formerly known as Christian AIDS are incredibly good at creating a sort of twilight-at-the-rave vibe in everything they do. It doesn’t mean their songs and remixes are calm, though. This remix of Computer Magic’s … read more »

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Junior Boys “Banana Ripple” (Stay+ Remix) MP3

Stay+ has apparently abandoned its discomfiting moniker Christian AIDS for something a little more benign. They’ve also taken the saccharine-tinged synth pop of Junior Boys’ nine-minute track “Banana Ripple” to a more comfortable place for … read more »

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Premiere: Christian AIDS, “Young Luv” MP3

Christian AIDS conjures the controversy surrounding David Wojnarowcicz’ “A Fire In My Belly,” the 1980s video piece by the now-deceased artist that had Speaker of the House John Boehner up in arms late last year, … read more »

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A Week with Christian AIDS

Turns out Manchester’s broken speaker connoisseurs Christian AIDS released a million things this week, from videos and remixes to new video remixes. This is your chance to play catch up with our favorite four: Download: … read more »

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