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Video: Coldplay, “Paradise”

Bit of a strange video here, for Coldplay‘s Mylo Xyloto standout “Paradise.” But accept it on its own terms or you’ll deprive your arms from goosebumps at the final triumphant drop. The cutesy premise is … read more »

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The Tripwire: 2011, Everything is the New Everything

J. Edward Keyes, Editor-in-Chief for eMusic, told WNYC: “In 2011, expect the line between independent music and big-name, arena-filling acts to become increasingly blurred.” That sounds about right. (Top Three Places We Saw Phoenix With … read more »

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Coldplay On The Simpsons > The Grammys

Yeah, we know: Beyoncé covered Alanis and Slash added the “November Rain” solo to that Jamie Foxx summer jam and Ke$ha slurred an announcement alongside the kid that plays Harry Potter and Taylor Swift even … read more »

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Coldplay Accused of Stealing Cheese! Again!

Either Coldplay has decided to tackle plagiarism with the dedication and diligence of a Harvard student, or the band has become the pinata du jour for musicians seeking money for their own, less popular songs: … read more »

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Coldplay + A-Ha + Mew: Apparatjik

Supergrouuuup! read more »

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Lots of Classic Brit Bands (and Coldplay?) To Become Stamps

Chris Martin’s ego could not be reached for comment read more »

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Video: Coldplay, “Strawberry Swing”

At some point along the path of FADER history, liking Coldplay became a shameful secret. But then the silent few became the majority, and for a few glorious months, Coldplay reigned the intra-office airways. These … read more »

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Cat Stevens Makes Peace With Coldplay

Now if only Joe Satriani felt the same way. read more »

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IM Solipsist – Are You Reading This?

In his opening column, Michael Cranston — the IM Solipsist — voices meta-concerns of how to be interesting in a market already grossly oversaturated in blogs and opinions to Tripwire Editor Derek Evers. read more »

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Chris Martin's New Best Friend Plays Los Angeles For First Time In 33 Years

Yusuf Islam (nee Cat Stevens) played the El Rey in Los Angeles Monday for an acoustic, invite-only show. Most of the tracks played live were off his new full-length Roadsinger, the singer’s second release in thirty years. read more »

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