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Craft Spells

Listen to Craft Spells’ Clear-Headed Composition, “Komorebi”

FADER PREMIERE The Japanese word “Komorebi” doesn’t translate to English directly, but it essentially refers to “sunlight that’s filtered through the trees.” The new song from Justin Vallesteros bka Craft Spells certainly captures the pastoral … read more »

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The Wake

The Wake Are The Most Influential Band Of All Time (Just Kidding Sort Of)

The first single Glasgow-based band The Wake ever released had two amazing songs on it: “On Our Honeymoon” and “Give Up.” On both tracks, the bass is dominant, powering the rest of the track forward … read more »

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Premiere: Craft Spells, “You Should Close The Door” MP3

Is it possible to sound dark and sunny at the same time? Apparently yes, because Craft Spells just did it with “You Should Close The Door,” which plays like a sped up highlight reel of … read more »

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