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Video: Crystal Antlers, “Licorice Pizza”

FADER PREMIERE What do pizza, licorice, human skulls and paper-shredded dollar bills have in common? They all play a starring role in this video for Crystal Antler’s “Licorice Pizza,” a scrappy and ecstatic missive from … read more »

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Crystal Antlers, “Licorice Pizza” MP3

FADER PREMIERE: Crystal Antlers have been alive and kicking since the days that we were finding out about new bands on MySpace (the year 2006, specifically), but “Licorice PIzza,” the lead single from their upcoming, … read more »

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Stream: Summer Twins, “Senor Don Gato,” from the Kitty Benefit Compilation

The feline-friendly folks over at the garage-punk label Burger Records, after discovering an adventurous kitten on the freeway during rush hour, came to the little ones rescue (that’s her above). Badly injured, the furball was … read more »

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Artists Team Up for Beat L.A.

On July 26th, both Narnack and Greatminds records will release the album Beat L.A., which will feature current artists and bands from L.A. covering the songs of their L.A. predecessors. The list of both cover-ers … read more »

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Video: Crystal Antlers, “Summer Solstice”

Crystal Antlers went down to Mexico earlier this year and spent time writing new material in a barn. From those sessions comes “Summer Solstice,” a downcast howler that may or may not be on a … read more »

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Listen Up: Crystal Antlers' "Little Sister"

Normally, Crystal Antlers aren’t really a band anyone would call “restrained.” Their best work (detailed on 2008′s self-titled EP) sounds like what you’d get if you shoved Hawkwind inside an exploding star, explained to them … read more »

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Crystal Antlers, “Little Sister” and “Dead Horses” MP3s

The reason “Little Sister” is notable, and the reason it’s a departure from Crystal Antlers‘ whirlwind of a back catalog, is that it’s subdued—the lyrics pushed right to the forefront. It sounds less like a … read more »

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Crystal Antlers, “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” MP3

Crystal Antlers are known mainly for repeatedly smacking people around in a musical whirlwind of ragged-voiced yelps and guitar fury rather than easing them into lovelorn peace, so this cover of Bob Dylan’s “It’s All … read more »

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Hotbox at The Levi's®/FADER Fort: Crystal Antlers

It is NOT all over now. read more »

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Initial CMJ Lineup Announced

Does this mean summer is over? read more »

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