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GEN F: Crystal Stilts

JB Townsend and Brad Hargett of the band Crystal Stilts grew up in the same South Florida town. Together they listened to The Velvet Underground and planned their escape. According to Townsend, who answers every … read more »

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Crystal Stilts, “Shake the Shackles” MP3

It feels like it’s been a really long time since Crystal Stilts released any new music. A really brief bit of research shows that it’s been over a year, so if you found yourself agreeing … read more »

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Frankie Rose and The Outs Sang "You Can Make Me Feel Bad" On a Sidewalk

Though Frankie Rose was once a secret weapon to the likes of Crystal Stilts and Girls both Dum Dum and Vivian, respectively, her talents are secret no more. Rose is now fronting The Outs and … read more »

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Listen: Frankie Rose and The Outs, "Little Brown Haired Girls"

Everywhere Frankie Rose skips, she leaves magic in her wake. A one-time drummer for Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts and Dum Dum Girls, Rose has creatively galvanized each of those bands in a way only she … read more »

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Listen to Grass Widow's "Celebrate The Mundane" Live at WFMU

A few weeks back, San Francisco’s trio of surf, harmony and riot-grrrlllness visited my radio show at WFMU in their down time during a New York weekend jam-packed with performances along with Crystal Stilts, The … read more »

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Dean and Britta + Andy Warhol = Epic Evening

But not too epic. read more »


Crystal Stilts – "Love Is A Wave"

Keeping with our Crystal theme today, here’s the newest video from Brooklyn’s Crystal Stilts, who remain one of our favorite bands of the recent garage revival. Where some have gone for total punk, while others … read more »

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Wavves, Crystal Stilts And These Are Powers To Play Free Topman Launch Party This Weekend

The ladies of Topshop get J-Lo and Kate Moss at their opening. What do the dudes get? Lo-fi bands at a graffiti strewn diy venue in Brooklyn. It’s cool that Topman will be throwing a party this weekend (for free) with some really solid bands on the bill (for free), but men who fancy their clothes to be European taylored, we think it’s time you ask for some big star power in your branding. Did we mention it’s free? read more »

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Freeload: Crystal Stilts—Daytrotter Sessions

To be perfectly honest, we saw the singer for Crystal Stilts on the subway with a pretty girl last week. They looked like a good match—tight jeans, tight tights, all black with a little red. … read more »

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caUSE co-MOTION! – "Who's Gonna Care?"

Brooklyn’s caUSE co-MOTION has brought the love of lo-fi and everything great about the gritty sound of early 60s recordings back to Slumberland Records, and with with their less than two minute tracks, full of post-punk angst and lots of reverb we can’t help but find this quirky foursome endearing. read more »