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Stream Dan Deacon’s Album America

In an eloquent note on his website, legendary DIY figure Dan Deacon calls his new album, America, a “layering of dichotomies.” The music was inspired by his love of cross-country travel; the lyrics explore his … read more »

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Jen Starks’ Eye Popping Animation

The best Dan Deacon-related film going around the internet to day was not his own. Artist/animator Jen Stark posted a beautiful, kaleidoscopic stop-motion animated short, which she made using only an X-Acto knife and paper. … read more »

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Maud’s Bigger in Texas: Day 4

My final day in Austin was the hottest yet, literally. I realized late Friday night that the shoes I had been wearing were soon to lose their soles, and after days and days of The … read more »

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Treasure Island Music Festival, Day 1

With MGMT, The Streets, MSTRKRFT, Girl Talk, Dan Deacon, and more people in costumes than maybe necessary. read more »

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Whartscape '09 Lineup Announced (Sorta…)

Somewhere in Baltimore, at some time between July 9-12, someone will do something. read more »

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Noagedeerhunterdandeacon Tour Dates Announced

That extraordinarily long mess of letters in the headline is either the birth of a breathtaking new word whose meaning and definition will be determined at later date, OR it’s just a metaphor for what your brain’s going to look and feel like should you catch three of indie rock’s marquee names on stage together simultaneously this summer. read more »

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Dan Deacon And Ensemble Blog About First Tour As A "Band"

We were supposed to be keeping a tour photo blog this whole time but its been such an insanely busy and tight packed schedule that we thought it would be best to wait until the last days to start working on it! Here is it! read more »


Eleven Sunny Memorial Day Weekend Songs

In honor of the Memorial Day weekend, we took a very small poll asking a few friends to give us their ideal summer song. You know, the kind you would want to hear if you were outside driving around right now without a care in the world. Then we narrowed it down to eleven (an arbitrary number, who knows, it still may expand). So, here are eleven summer classics from Sister Nancy, Pavement, The Pharcyde, Donovan, Dizzee Rascal, Animal Collective, Screeching Weasel, People Under the Stairs, Dan Deacon, Queen and the one, the only, The Notorious B.I.G.. read more »

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New Music Thursday – Best Hits

Have you ever wondered what would happen if High Places and Dan Deacon had a love child? Aside from the hotly disturbing picture this thought paints (no offense to anyone), it would probably sound something like Best Hits. read more »

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Dan Deacon, No Age & Deerhunter Announce Round Robin Tour This Summer

Three bands. One stage. No, it’s not another festival line-up announcement. It’s the second coming of the round robin, and this time Dan Deacon’s bringing his whole band and playing alongside No Age and Deerhunter. read more »

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