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Stream + MP3s: Grass Widow and Everyone Do The Nerves

Are you still wondering what cassette you want to pop into your kinda cool new/old cassette player that your dad gave you for Christmas after he won it on eBay in the last five seconds? … read more »

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Fuck Yeah Fest: A Video Recap

Early this month we sent FADER West Coast correspondents Maud Deitch and Julia Bembenek to the FYF Fest, also known as the Fuck Yeah Fest, also known as the hottest day of their lives. With … read more »

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Interview with Davila 666 at The Levi’s® FADER Fort

The Puerto Rican garage rockers that make up Davila 666 talk about the weirdness in Austin and how they’d like to tour with Bobby Brown. Johnny is wearing a sweet denim vest too.

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Interview With Davila 666 at the Levi’s® FADER Fort

As they proclaim in this interview, Davila 666 were the only Puerto Rican garage band at SXSW, which makes them exceptional. But they were also one of the best bands period, which makes them awesome. … read more »

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