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Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Daytrotter Session

Unknown Mortal Orchestra stopped by Daytrotter’s Big Orange Studios for a live, raw recording. Ruban Nielson’s voice sounds grizzled and gravelly, going over many of UMO jams we’ve come to know and love. Tracks like … read more »

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Mika Miko’s Daytrotter Session

LA 5-piece Mika Miko broke up in the fall, almost two whole years ago. It was clear at the time that there was no bad blood, but less clear why it had to end completely. … read more »

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Zola Jesus’ Daytrotter Session

Zola Jesus delivers an appetizer of a Daytrotter Session with just a two-song offering; she probably doesn’t want to spoil our appetites for her forthcoming LP, Conatus (out October 4th on Sacred Bones). The session … read more »

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Abe Vigoda’s Daytrotter Session

Hey, isn’t this great? Abe Vigoda did a Daytrotter Session! It’s perfect for them, really. They put out an intense album last year called Crush and it was brutal in romance, so many synthesized emotions … read more »

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Shabazz Palaces Daytrotter Session

You’ve barely had a month to overplay Black Up, and now you’ve got five more tracks to put into rotation thanks to Daytrotter. Think of this as a pleasant addendum and do as Shabazz mastermind … read more »

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Best Coast’s Daytrotter Session

The summer I moved to New York, it rained for almost the whole month of June. I biked about three miles to work every morning before 6am, dodging trash trucks, getting smothered by the fermented … read more »

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Wavves, “Horse Shoes” MP3

Last week, Bonnaroo-bound Wavves said: By our count today he’s still at 17,804 advocates, but he set free a re-recorded version of “Horse Shoes” through his account last night anyway. The song originally appeared on … read more »

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Tame Impala’s Daytrotter Session MP3s

When Tame Impala recently rolled through New York it felt like a legit event. Every show was packed and we’d—no joke—run into people on the street who we kinda knew who weren’t that into music … read more »

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Hear Two New Real Estate Songs at Daytrotter

That headline sort of makes Daytrotter sound like a restaurant, but it’s not. No, it’s more a state of mind, a website you visit to hear fresh recordings of bands you love playing live in … read more »

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Local Natives Visited Daytrotter Again

Just before the weekend came and hugged us and kissed us and then left us feeling mopey as we woke up all alone this morning, we posted a trailer for the forthcoming Daytrotter movie. It … read more »

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