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Kool John f. DB Tha General and Plane Jane, “Full of Dat Weed” MP3

“Full of Dat Weed,” produced by HBK Gang’s Kuya Beats, is the latest in a recent string of tracks inspired by one of the best cuts to ever be released on No Limit Records, Young … read more »

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Stream: B-Luv and DB tha General f. Husalah, “Back Up”

Prior to Husalah‘s mid-decade incarceration, he released a joint record with Vallejo rapper B-Luv entitled The Tonka Boyz, which featured the regional hit “Cuttin It Up.” Now B-Luv has united with the Bay’s latest live … read more »

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DB Tha General f. Kurt Diggler, “Ghetto Star” MP3

With the support of a strong local scene, many underground Bay Area artists have always charged fans for their albums, even as the allure of free music on the internet undermined sales. Now, as the … read more »

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Stream: The Mekanix f. Husalah, DB The General, Lil Mikey and Rico Tha Kid, “Home of the A’s”

The Mekanix are a Bay Area production team responsible for some the biggest tracks for the Livewire camp. They just released a No-DJ compilation of some of their best work, entitled Chop Shop, directly through … read more »

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DB Tha General, “Thay Mad” MP3

DB Tha General is one of the Bay area’s most energizing presences, and this leak from his upcoming I Shine, We All Shine finds the rapper in peak form. Over a minimal slap punctuated by … read more »

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Stream: DB Tha General, “Wrong Road”

Like Juvenile or Schoolly D before him, self-proclaimed King of Oakland DB Tha General is one of those rare rappers whose style seems to have formed mostly outside of the dominant rap lineage. Everything is … read more »

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Roach Gigz f. Danny Brown and DB Tha General, “Drugs (Remix)” MP3

As if there weren’t enough drugs being passed around between Bay Area Roachy and DB Tha General on the original “Drugs” the duo adds reigning drug rap kingpin Danny Brown to the mix for the … read more »

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Video: DB Tha General, “Top Hat”

DB Tha General’s recent King Of Oakland LP fell victim to the all too common trend where underground rappers without proper PR and blog buzz who have the audacity to ask people to pay for … read more »

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Video: DB Tha General, “Gangsta”

Unsung and underground East Oakland hero DB Tha General returns with yet another gangsta slap. His rasp recalls

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Roach Gigz f. DB The General, “Drugs” MP3

This C-Loz produced popper, for the the turned on people, will appear on Roach Gigz’ upcoming Bitch I’m A Player mixtape/EP/whatever. Roach makes some bold-ish claims—that he’s never tried cocaine, that white girls give the … read more »

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