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Stream: Dead Gaze, “Rowdy Jungle”

Last time we heard from R. Cole Furlow — who has been releasing distorted pop nuggets as Dead Gaze since 2009— he put out a song called “I Found the Ending,” which Emilie Friedlander described … read more »

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Stream: Dead Gaze, “I Found the Ending”

Over the past few years, Cole Furlow’s Dead Gaze project has emerged as one of the preeminent rock voices in Mississippi’s Cats Purring collective, a DIY venue and “dude ranch” that’s helped spawn the careers … read more »

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Dead Gaze, “Silver Bells” MP3

Judging by the use of the above photo as the song’s art, we’re guessing that Dead Gaze’s R. Cole Furlow meant his Christmas track to be a warm, nostalgic addition to the holiday canon of … read more »

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Dead Gaze, “It’s Not Real” MP3

Dead Gaze architect R. Cole Furlow’s dad is the band director at Copiah County, a community college in Wesson, Mississippi. His new psych rock number “It’s Not Real” was recorded at the band hall there, … read more »

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Stream: Almost Every Show at Shea Stadium Last Year

Perhaps you do not live in New York City but in spite of this have heard of a place called “Bushwick” because a respected printed source said it was “arguably the coolest place on the … read more »

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Stream: Dead Gaze, “Emanuel Can’t Come Close Enough”

Dead Gaze singer Cole Furlow sounds like he’s encased in Jell-O on this song, his voice jiggling and distant and alone. Rather than feeling like he’s at arm’s length, though, the effect brings him closer … read more »

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Dead Gaze, “This Big World” MP3

If you are in a lo-fi band putting your songs into the vast ether of the internet, you probably know that it is really, really hard to stand out. There are like a million of … read more »

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