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Oneohtrix Point Never Replaces Death Grips on Nine Inch Nails Tour

When experimental rap outfit Death Grips unexpectedly called it quits, they subsequently pulled out of a bunch of festival appearances and left a hole in Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden's co-headlining tour. Yesterday it was … read more »

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Death Grips Call It Quits; Read Their Handwritten Facebook Farewell

Though Death Grips released the Björk-featuring first half of their fall double LP The Powers That B just last month, it appears that the noise-rap provocateurs have called it quits. In a surprise note posted … read more »

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Death Grips Drop Surprise Album with Björk, niggas on the moon

niggas on the moon is the funniest mixtape title I’ve ever heard. I instantly thought of both the short-lived UPN sitcom “Homeboys in Outer Space” and the Gil Scott-Heron poem

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Download Death Grips’ Album Government Plates

Noise-rap rabble-rousers Death Grips, without any warning (as they do), released a new and free (as they do) album in its entirety today via the internet (as they do). The 11 track album titled Government … read more »

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Epic Records Super Pissed at Death Grips

Update 11/1/2012: Epic is working to release Death Grips from their contract. The label wrote in a statement: Epic Records is a music first company that breaks new artists. That is our mission and our … read more »

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Death Grips, “@deathgripz” MP3

This summer’s Adult Swim Singles Program wraps with an unreleased cut from Sacramento noise rap outfit Death Grips’ sessions from their debut album, The Money Store. Named after their twitter handle, “@deathgripz” features a sinister, … read more »

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Video: Death Grips, “Double Helix”

Sacremento weirdos Death Grips shot their “Double Helix” video with the rear-view camera of a reversing vehicle. Over a disorienting, blown-out beat, MC Ride hurls punches and pelvic thrusts while aggro-rapping—make it bloody, make it … read more »

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Video: Death Grips, “Beware”

Flatlander directed the hell out of Death Grip‘s “Beware,” transforming the track’s Charles Manson-sampling intro into something out of Sweet Sweetback—MC Ride tearing out shirtless through the desert, perching on a dead tree like the … read more »

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Video: Death Grips, “Guillotine It Goes Yah”

When you get an email that says INTENSE AVANT HIP HOP in the header you don’t think, you click on it and cross your fingers in hopes that it lives up to the claim. Sacramento … read more »

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