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No Concessions: A Band Called Death Comes Alive

There’s a scene early on in the new documentary A Band Called Death–which recounts the story of the recently rediscovered 70s proto-punk band Death–in which Brian Spears, then the director of publishing at Detroit’s Groovesville … read more »


Mos Def Making Punk Documentary

Coodie and Chike directing. read more »

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Death Returns After 33 Years

Not that Death. The good one. read more »

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Video: Death Documentary/Tour Dates

In our profile on 1970s Detroit cult metal band Death from FADER #60, member Bobby Hackney told us, “I think a lot of [our rejection of Motown sounds] might have been fueled by the rejection … read more »

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Celebrating Joey Ramone's Birthday; Tell Your Story Today, Go To The Party Tomorrow

There are few people who helped transform the New York City punk scene more than Joey Ramone. Even if only as an icon of New York in the late 70s, Joey helped define a generation of punks as well as a certain country and bluegrass club. So as we approach what would’ve been his 58th birthday tomorrow [May 19], it only makes sense that said bluegrass club — CBGB’s — would be hosting an online chat, featuring family and friends remembering the late Ramones frontman, today. read more »

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Freeload: Death, “Politicians in My Eyes”

In 1975, Death, the trio of Hackney brothers from Detroit, recorded an album. Predating Bad Brains by about half a decade, Death were an all black punk group shredding up north. In the band’s lifespan … read more »

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