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Q&A: El-P

El-P returns to rap’s lawless present. In 1992, rapper/producer El-P founded the dissonant and innovative group Company Flow. They used words too big to fit between the bars of their verses and spent a lot … read more »

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Exclusive Download – Cassettes Won't Listen "Into The Hillside"

With new music comes a certain sense of bravado. While Small-Time Machine drew comparisons to softer electro-pop ala Postal Service, here Jason Drake — aka Cassettes Won’t Listen — brings the beats. Less shoegaze and more dance, the title track for his new LP is what Def Jux would sound like if it called the Eastern Block it’s home. read more »

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Definitive Jux Records to Reissue Co Flow's Funcrusher Plus

El-P, Bigg Jus, and Mr. Len have parted ways since the break up of Company Flow in 2001, but the once influential hip-hop group is gaining collective recognition once more, as El-P’s record label, Definitive Jux Records, plans to re-release a reissued copy of 1997′s Funcrusher Plus in May. read more »

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