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Fyfe - For You

Deptford Goth Has Turned Fyfe’s “For You” into a Hall of Mirrors

FADER PREMIERE When you’re a singer/producer known for sweetly mournful songs that dance around the head, how do you approach a remix of another singer/producer who swims in similar circles? If you’re Deptford Goth then … read more »

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Video: Deptford Goth, “Feel Real”

With bleary Peckham producer/singer Deptford Goth’s outstanding debut LP, Life After Defo, finally out today via Merok, he’s shared a new video for “Feel Real,” directed by Aneil Karia and Daniel Woolhouse. Dazed Digital has … read more »

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Video: Deptford Goth, “Union”

Have you ever wondered how many colorful helium balloons you’d have to hold onto at once in order to be lifted straight off the ground? At first, that’s what I thought South London’s Deptford Goth … read more »

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Video: Deptford Goth, “Life After Defo”

UK producer/singer Deptford Goth, whose publicity shots once only showed the back of his head, has spun the chair toward the camera with the new video for “Life After Defo,” the vulnerable single from his … read more »

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Deptford Goth, “People Get Still” MP3

Though London’s Daniel Woolhouse bka Deptford Goth doesn’t like having his photo taken, he puts his vulnerable side on blast with the haunting, tender new track, “People Get Still.” Built on atmospheric synths, echoed drums, … read more »

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Dollars to Pounds: Deptford Goth

Several things crossed my mind when I first heard the gently manipulated vocals, pin-drop pings and synth-swathes of Deptford Goth’s “Real Love Fantasy”: Yes! Does he love Mariah Carey? (Note the nod to Mariah’s “Fantasy” … read more »

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Stream: Blood Diamonds, “Grins” (Deptford Goth Remix)

It’s not often that the word “goth” makes us think of positive times, but that’s what happened with Deptford Goth’s remix of Blood Diamonds’ “Grins” which begins with a solemn, muffled…xylophone? It might not be … read more »

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