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Diplowatch 2013 #4: Diplo Thinks Beyoncé Scrapped The Song He Made Her

Update 7/12/2013: Diplo can’t speak to what’s happening with Beyoncé’s entire album, but knows that she scrapped one song that he and she recorded. “One song was scrapped and that’s the one I worked on,” … read more »

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Diplowatch 2013 #3: Diplo Signs Publishing Deal with Dr. Luke

Diplo, budding movie executive, has signed a joint publishing deal with Dr. Luke, the guy behind mega-hits from Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Ke$ha. The two, who’ve flirted via retweet for the past … read more »

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Diplowatch 2013 #2: Diplo Sold a Movie About Diplo

Just two days after our last mega-Diplowatch, the hair-swirl-embracer and Vine newbie has breaking news’d himself. Today, Diplo sold a movie based loosely around himself to 20th Century Fox. Deadline reports the studio has acquired … read more »

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Diplowatch 2013 #1: Diplo Demands More Diplowatch

Diplowatch is a semi-regular, nearly three-years-running feature about the comings and goings of the model, author and manatee lover, Diplo. Even Diplo reads it. Yesterday, he wrote on Twitter, “@thefader im waiting for a new … read more »

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Diplowatch 2012 #6: Diplo is Finally on Instagram

Justin Bieber collaborator, map collector and Blackberry spokesman Diplo has joined Instagram.”I kind of wanna be Instagrammy,” Diplo conceded before beginning to use the app, talking on Jason “Them Jeans” Stewart’s Tall Tales podcast, adding, … read more »

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Diplowatch 2012 #5: Diplo is Touring Canada with Skrillex and Grimes on a Train

Diplo will tour Canada in July, supporting headliner Skrillex on his Full Flex Express tour. Grimes, KOAN Sound, Pretty Lights and TokiMonsta will also join the land-bound rave cruise, traveling together on a private train … read more »

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Diplowatch 2012 #4: Diplo and Friends to Host Weekly BBC Radio Show

Label head and Justin Bieber supporter, Diplo, will premiere a new radio show this Saturday on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra. “Diplo and Friends,” featuring new Diplo mixes, Mad Decent and “big name” guests, will … read more »

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Diplowatch 2012 #3: Diplo to Headline “Ridiculous” AXE-Sponsored College Tour

Turtleneck model and budding author Diplo is teaming up with AXE, the purveyors of lacrosse-scented mens’ fragrances and grooming products, for a headlining tour of college campuses across the US. Reflecting the mindset of AXE’s … read more »

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Diplowatch 2012 #1: Diplo is Writing a Book

Diplo, Blackberry anthropologist and Vanity Fair culture columnist, has composed his first printed tome, a hefty book entitled 128 Beats Per Minute: Diplo’s Visual Guide to Music, Culture, and Everything in Between. The manual, driven … read more »

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Diplowatch 2011 #14: New Major Lazer

In an interview with GQ’s Sean Fennessy, published on their website earlier this month, Diplo said, “I feel like I’m a snowball.” He’s working with Radiohead, Beyonce, No Doubt and Shakira, going to anger management … read more »

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