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GP 128: Egypt / Mutamassik / MIA / RajStar / 3Ball / 3/4 Revolution

Had serious problems focusing on music discovery and column-writing in the last 2 days, distracted as I was by a two-year old with bird flu (ok, not really but a two-year old with any flu … read more »

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Stream: FADER Radio With Uproot Andy and DJ Orion

Last Friday on The Let Out (our weekly show on East Village Radio), DJ Orion and Uproot Andy braved the snow to play a bunch of original edits and remixes and we played that new … read more »

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The FADER with Uproot Andy and DJ Orion on East Village Radio Tonight from 6-8PM

Tonight on The Let Out, our weekly East Village Radio show, we have two purveyors if global banger styles coming through the mirrorbox form 7-8PM. Until then Julianne will play as many songs composed entirely … read more »

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DJ Orion, Carajo Colombia! Mixtape MP3

For Carajo Colombia, Austin’s DJ Orion has been hard at work re-editing cumbia classics for the genre-melding dancefloor, making tropical heat exponentially sweatier with the unwieldy kicks of Baltimore club and boom-bap-ified digital rhythms. DJ … read more »

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