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Video: Doldrums, “Lost in Everyone”

Until it explodes into a hallucinatory palette of oranges and blues, this Angus Borsos and Airick Woodhead-directed film for Doldrums‘ “Lost in Everyone” is locked into a particularly cold-feeling grayscale, its breathtakingly photographed trees and … read more »

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Download Arbutus’ Sean Savage Covers Compilation

The extended Canadian family surrounding weird Montreal music hub Arbutus Records come together on this album-length tribute to Sean Nicholas Savage, the man behind defunct, proto-Tops rock band Silly Kissers and also a prolific recording … read more »

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Ten Artists Talk About The Songs They Can’t Stop Falling in Love With

Pop music very likely taught you more about the birds and the bees than your parents ever did, so it’s no surprise that when you actually experience the highs and lows of love, it’s music … read more »

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Stream These Peaking Lights Remixes All Day

Although we’ve spent a good amount of time enjoying Peaking Lights’ blissed and dubbed out 936 over here in the states, it’s just now seeing release in the UK on Weird World Records. It’s a … read more »

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