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Shop Some Special New Sneakers at Dover Street Market’s E-Shop

NYC’s Dover Street Market has gotten a lot of attention for its impeccably-curated selection of clothes—if you need a primer, check out our roundup of FADER-friendly brands you can find there—but its sneaker game is … read more »

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Nike and Comme des Garçons Make Fashion-Forward Football Jerseys

Meeting the need for a fashionable way to celebrate the Superbowl just in the nick of time, Nike has teamed up with Parisian avant-garde fashion juggernaut Comme des Garçons for a stylish yet sports-ready take … read more »

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Eight Brands You Need to Know, Now Stocked at New York’s Dover Street Market

Only at Dover Street Market can you find a Supreme T-shirt being displayed a few feet away from a Prada retrospective collection. Dreamed up by Comme des Garçons’ Rei Kawakubo, the Market is a new … read more »

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