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No Concessions: Narco Cultura and the Business of Songwriting for Drug Cartels

Israeli Director Shaul Schwarz Discusses His New Film and Mexico’s Bloody Ballads Shaul Schwarz’s Narco Cultura is a stomach-churning but beautiful chronicle of two men deep in the trenches of the War on Drugs. Though … read more »


Roach Gigz f. Danny Brown and DB Tha General, “Drugs (Remix)” MP3

As if there weren’t enough drugs being passed around between Bay Area Roachy and DB Tha General on the original “Drugs” the duo adds reigning drug rap kingpin Danny Brown to the mix for the … read more »

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Domo Genesis’ Under The Influence Mixtape

Do you like marijuana? Because Odd Future’s Domo Genesis does and he made some songs about it. And other things. This is the first freebee OFWGKTA rap tape that we’ve heard since MellowHype dropped Blackendwhite … read more »

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Video: Jay Electronica, “Dimethyltryptamine”

If you can still recall the olden days of 2009, you might remember that Roc Nation signee and underground rap’s favorite mystical underachiever Jay Electronica was running around Asia, shooting loose footage and offering tantalizing, … read more »

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Video: Phoenix, “1901 (Angel Dust Cop Fight Remix)”

Hipster Runoff thinks this was acid induced, but having known a lot of “our friends” who have done acid and been fairly docile, we’re gonna go with either PCP or good ol’ fashioned grain alcohol. … read more »

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Video: Ratatat, “Drugs”

It looks like Ratatat hired a bunch of people who don’t look like they’re drug users to act like they are. We just read that James Franco has never done drugs in his entire life, … read more »

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Dollars to Pounds: D/R/U/G/S

D/R/U/G/S got mentioned yesterday on the Vanity Fair website. Unfortunately it was part of a blog cussing Altered Zones, the new music blogomerate set up by Pitchfork, and it made fun of the band’s semi-autistic … read more »

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DRUGS, “Rings of Truth (Radiant Dragon RMX)” MP3

A few weeks ago Radiant Dragon talked to Dollars to Pounds’ Scott Wright about “the slow evolution of a track, the subtle introduction of new melodies and rhythms, and the cosmic vibe” of Krautrock. Those … read more »

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Girls Talk Drugs, Cults with The Guardian

A proverbial tour of their collective medicine cabinets read more »

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Video Exclusive – Black Lips Discuss The Song "Starting Over"

As we told you, the new Black Lips album 200 Million Thousand is one of our favorites of 2009 (it might be our editor’s number one). And in our review, we point out two songs in particular, “Drugs” and “Starting Over”, as they seem to play poetically off of each other. Well, based on this Tripwire exclusive video interview with the Black Lips, we think we were right… sort of. read more »

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