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Duran Duran Reminds Us Who The Real Supermodels Are

Dudes (and I mean this genderlessly), Duran Duran may be nursing their prolific 30-year career, but they are totally playing to our weaknesses with this new video for “Girl Panic.” Naomi, Eva, Helena, Cindy! All … read more »

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Interview With Duran Duran

We Netflixed Duran Duran’s “Behind the Music” to prepare for this interview, which is not what we normally do. With over 100 million records sold and nearly 30 albums in the bag, the latest co-produced … read more »

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Tonight on The Let Out: Natalie Storm

We’re back in action full time over here at FADER HQ. Combing the digital crates for jams to play and then talk about relentlessly on East Village Radio every Friday from 6-8 PM EST. Tonight … read more »

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Exclusive Download – Kenan Bell "Crosses" (Jose Gonzalez Remix)

He’s a teacher by day and Karl Malone’s cousin, that in itself should merit a listen to Kenan Bell. But the La Crescenta, CA hip-hop artist has recently dropped his “remix collective project” –- entitled Good News: The Mix-Tape — and with remixes of songs by artists as wide-ranging as Pink Floyd, Lily Allen, Gang Gang Dance, Jose Gonzalez, Peter, Bjorn & John, Duran Duran and Neil Diamond, how couldn’t you want to listen? read more »

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