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Staff Selects Playlist: Songs We Heard in Jim Jarmusch Movies

Every week, a different FADER editor compiles a playlist to highlight a new release and give you a guide to that artist’s web of influences and peers. These Staff Selects live in our Spotify app, … read more »

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Highlights From All Tomorrow’s Parties

It is impossible not to mentally conjure Bruce Springsteen when in Asbury Park. Like Straford-upon-Avon exists only to hold the legend of Shakespeare, and East Egg as a town has myth just because of The … read more »

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Miracle, “The Visitor” (Adeptus Remix) MP3

Normally if you told us that a dude from Sunn0))) (Daniel O’Sullivan) and a dude from Earth and ZombI (Steve Moore) were getting together for a project called Miracle, we’d expect it to sound like … read more »

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Stream: Earth’s Album Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1

Dylan Carlson has returned with another Earth album, the awesomely named Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1, due on Southern Lord this month. It sounds like the music the extended family of of the … read more »

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Freak Scene #44: Freak Scene Goes to Sunn O)))

In this week’s Freak Scene, Jamie Johns freaks (sorry) over the recent SunnO))) show at Brooklyn Masonic Temple.

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Premiere: Venom & Damage, Maximum Carnage II Mix MP3

London duo Venom & Damage‘s Maximum Carnage mixtape series possibly references Spider-Man comics, and if you wanna take the metaphor all the way, this collection of originals, remixes, edits and “other” is as evil as … read more »

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