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Dear Winter, Eat It — Round Three: Marina & The Diamonds Remix Edition

It’s been a cold minute since we told winter to eat it, mostly because we thought winter was actually over. Turns out we were just in Texas. Baseline temps in New York have certainly risen … read more »

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Dear Winter, Eat It — Round Two: The Röyksopp Edition Starring Lykke Li and Robyn

As we mentioned yesterday, it is on between us and Old Ass Man Winter. Today it’s supposed to be 60 degrees in New York — nice try — but it’s raining and the temperature is … read more »

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Dear Winter, Eat It

We’ve had just about enough of this seeing-your-breath/feeling-your-soul-ebb bullshit that has been New York City weather since October, and we’ve done everything we can to be nice and post summer songs only as wishful thinking. … read more »

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