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Listen To Telepathe And Effi Briest Cover Each Other

It was less a month ago today we went bowling with Telepathe to celebrate the release of Dance Mother. And waaaayyyy back in another life our editor was giving Effi Briest cover props. So when we caught wind of their extremely limited split, cover 7-inch, we wanted to pass it on. read more »


Audio: Telepathe and Effi Briest Cover Each Other

Meeting of the minds! Effi Briest and Telepathe link up to cover each other’s songs for a super limited 7-inch for Skinny Wolves. Effie Briest turn Telepathe’s “Chrome’s On It” into a wide open heady … read more »

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Psychic Ills – "Fingernail Tea"

After spending 2007 exploring various collaborations and personal projects, New York’s we-were-psych-before-it-was-cool-to-be-psych Psychic Ills united in early 2008 to record the follow up to their acclaimed debut Dins. Entitled Mirror Eye, the new full-length will be released on January 20, once again on Social Registry. read more »

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Dollars to Pounds: Effi and Blindin’

The remit of this column is essentially to tell The FADER’s largely American readers about largely British things going on in Britain (and to happily play up to the stereotype of us Limeys as sarcastic, … read more »

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