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Stream James Brooks’ New Default Genders LP, Download A “Magical Pessimix”

James Brooks, the songwriter who used to be in Elite Gymnastics and last year put out a really good EP under the maligned alias Dead Girlfriends, is now releasing music as Default Genders. Magical Pessimism … read more »

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Download Dead Girlfriends’ Stop Pretending EP

James Brooks, formerly one half of Elite Gymnastics (who we profiled in print in 2011), has returned, sans-label, under the moniker Dead Girlfriends. In a post on his Tumblr of the same name, where he’s … read more »

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How to Dress Well, “& It Was U (Elite Gymnastics Remix)” MP3

Elite Gymnastics brightly and tenderly remixed “& It Was U,” the clear-cut highpoint of How to Dress Well’s Total Loss. Sitting nicely alongside Doss’ assured take, this beaming version is suited for shuffling around a … read more »

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21 Musicians, Tastemakers and Other Weirdos Pick Their Favorite Music of 2012

Though the FADER does not empirically rank our favorite releases, the year-end battle between album heavyweights rages in our brains like everyone else’s. But we’re talkers, prone to changing our mind and always searching for … read more »

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Elite Gymnastics, “Andreja 4-Ever” MP3

Elite Gymnastics, the recently-disbanded duo that’s now a solo project of producer and songwriter James Brooks, shares this Adult Swim Singles Program track, a ballad with swinging harmonica and pinky-finger stabs of piano devoted to … read more »

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Stream: Blood Diamonds, “Ritual”

Blood Diamonds reveals the B-side to his new single “Phone Sex” (out next tuesday on 4AD), which he describes as a much needed “reply to the notion of dancing all night. A cyborg-ish desire to … read more »

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Elite Gymnastics, “Minneapolis Belongs to You” (Cover By Recycle Culture) MP3

To celebrate a writeup on Gawker, Elite Gymnastics gave away this remarkable “cover”/remix of “Minneapolis Belongs to You” by Recycle Culture, who buries the dire lyrics from the original with an anxiety-obliterating trance riff. How … read more »

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Interview: Elite Gymnastics

Elite Gymnastics, the duo of James Brooks and Josh Clancy, known for their devastating lyrics and creative visuals, played two shows in New York last week, their first in the city. At FADER offices, the … read more »

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Download How To Dress Well’s Live Yourself Mixtape

How To Dress Well’s Live Yourself Mixtape is bookended by TOTAL LOSS, which is both the title of his forthcoming LP and an attitudinal position, as if everything this this man touches must be cast … read more »

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Stream: Blood Diamonds f. Grimes, “Phone Sex”

LA’s producer of the future Blood Diamonds—born Michael Tucker in Kansas City and a former resident of Vancouver, where he first linked up with Grimes—has at last prepped his first single of the year, “Phone … read more »

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