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Hear Karl X Johan’s “A Better Tomorrow,” a Failure and an Inspiration

Following the Swedish don’t-call-them-synth-pop duo Karl X Johan is proving to be strangely reassuring. I interviewed them one full year ago, and they were toting the then-laughably far-off date of April 29, 2014 for the … read more »

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Stream: World Tour, “Surreal”

FADER PREMIERE I’ll never forget this: around the time they popped up on my radar, in 2012, the Swedish trio World Tour described their hometown, Funäsdalen, as ”a good place to live, a good place … read more »

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Stream Nicolas Makelberge’s Born From the Sun EP

Hope you didn’t make your releases-of-the-year list yet. Probably the planet’s most underrated producer, Nicolas Makelberge, now based in Prague, just shared his first new music in three years, an EP called Born From the … read more »

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Video: Karl X Johan, “Never Leave Me”

This song is so beautiful, and like all songs by the Stockholm duo Karl X Johan I like to listen to it really, painfully loud, like I’m trying to make my inner ears reach a … read more »

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Interview: Karl X Johan

Karl X Johan, the Stockholm duo of Johan Tuvesson and Kalle Jönsson, emerged in 2010 with “Flames,” a monumental play on “The Untouchables Theme” by Ennio Morricone that won them the Swedish Grammy for the … read more »

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Download Karl X Johan Remixes by Bam Spacey and Mitch Murder

We premiered Karl X Johan’s latest EP earlier this fall, a real beacon of calm electronic pop, and now the boys from Stockholm are back to share some brilliant remixes from fellow Swedes. Download Bam … read more »

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Video: Fanuelle, “Body Romana”

A lot of new music can fall through the tracks when you’re laid up Thanksgiving napping, but I wanted to be sure Fanuelle’s incredible “Body Romana” video, which premiered last week on Line of Best … read more »

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Stream: Karl X Johan, “Get It All”

Stockholm’s Karl X Johan—comprised of producer Kalle J and Johan Tuvesson, who also does vocals for also-seriously-underrated duo Nicolas Makelberge—usually release just a song or two per year, but every track is inevitably another bright … read more »

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Video: World Tour, “Forever Tonight”

World Tour, the Swedish trio from Funäsdalen—”A good place to live, a good place to die,” they say—enlist a pair of helicopters to film their hugely sprawling and remote home hills for “Forever Tonight.” How … read more »

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Stream: World Tour, “Forever Tonight”

Swedish trio World Tour, whose Believe EP on Cascine will surely hold up as one of the year’s best indie pop releases, have a new single coming on Emotion, another small label with their own … read more »

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