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Montag f. Erika Spring, “Memori” MP3

Montag, the solo project of Montreal’s Antoine Bédard and one of the first artists released by the great but now-defunct French label Gooom (where M83 also got their start), has spent the year making and … read more »

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Interview: Erika Spring

We met the delightful Erika Spring at a café in Greenpoint, Brooklyn recently, both coincidentally dressed in floral prints. Spring’s self-titled EP—her first solo work, as opposed to her usual gig as a third of … read more »

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erika spring!

Erika Spring, “Hidden (Jensen Sportag Remix) MP3

Nashville duo Jensen Sportag turn Brooklyn songstress Erika Spring’s call-in-the-cavalry “Hidden” into a loosy-goosey, rolling-down-the-river disco song with slicing strings and zigzagging guitars. It all begs for awkward-sexy dancing—is there any other kind? Erika Spring’s … read more »

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Erika Spring, “Hidden” MP3

Judging by her newest song, Au Revoir Simone’s illustrious lady dame Erika Spring would be the best person to hike with. With “Hidden” as our soundtrack, we’d talk about adventures we’d had, balance on big … read more »

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At Home With: Erika Spring

Last week we had the pleasure of spending some time with the lovely Erika Spring in her Greenpoint, Brooklyn one-bedroom. She played her new track “Six More Weeks” and then we all drank water out … read more »

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Stream: Erika Spring, “6 More Weeks”

Erika Spring of Au Revoir Simone sounds fragile and irresistibly charming as she coos breathily over synths and Phil Collins-esque drums on her new track, “6 More Weeks.” Spring comes close to overwhelming with nostalgia, … read more »

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