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emily reo olive juice remix

Download Emily Reo’s Olive Juice Remix Album

FADER PREMIERE Emily Reo’s album Olive Juice, which she released last year on Florida label Elestial Sound, is a collection of summertime nap music that’s gleaming and layered and made for zoning out. This spring … read more »

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Stream Euglossine’s Tristaria LP

Earlier this year, I premiered Gainesville musician Euglossine’s Dance District album, still one of the most unique-sounding things I’ve heard all year—back then, I likened it to some drunken crab thing, because really what else … read more »

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Stream Euglossine’s Album Dance District

FADER PREMIERE Listening to Gainesville, FL fun-electronic producer Tristan Whitehill’s album Dance District, I’m thinking a lot about crabs. Like, imagining an underwater nightclub, just 20 feet or so off the beach, where the crabs … read more »

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