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Video: Excepter, “Maids”

Often, the music of veteran underground electronic collective Excepter sounds like the semi-accidental byproduct of a religious group ritual that’s unfolding in real time. Individual members of the band will get stuck on laying down … read more »

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Stream: Zs, “Except When You Don’t Because Sometimes You Won’t (Zebrablood Remix)”

This past September, Brooklyn avant-jazz collective Zs celebrated their 10th anniversary with Score: The Complete Sextet Works: 2002-2007, a colorfully packaged box set featuring over four and a half hours of out of print and … read more »

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Premiere Stream: Excepter, “Mazes of Death”

Okay so Excepter. Not for everyone. Sometimes not for us and we generally like Excepter. It’s a mystery what you’re gonna get with one of their live shows. Sometimes it’s endless hypnotic drone and something … read more »

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No Fun Fest Day 2 (Sonic Youth, Bardo Pond, Blank Dogs, Yellow Tears & More) @ Music Hall of Williamsburg | Brooklyn

No Fun Day 2 Report: Sonic Youth, Blank Dogs, Bardo Pond and a slew of other like-minded noiseniks get together for a night of abrasion at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. read more »

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Sam Hillmer Of Zs New Project: The Fly Girlz

Sam Hillmer of Zs has embarked upon a new project, and no we’re not talking about his work with Dirty Projectors or MOTH. Hillmer and some of his industry friends will help release an album from The Fly Girlz — a group of young girls ranging from ages 12 to 14 from Brownsville, Brooklyn. read more »

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Live Video: Excepter Play for a Really Long Time

Brooklyn dub noise experimentalists Excepter are apparently seeking to one up Fucked Up—who recently played for twelve hours straight—by playing from when the polls opened for voting until a new US president is elected at … read more »

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Video: Excepter, “Any And Every”

It never really occured to us before this video, but Excepter would totally work as a Doors-style paranoid LA band. As it stands though, they are a New York band that plays weirdo dub-noise-disco in … read more »


Video: Excepter, “Sunrise”

Excepter are really knocking out the videos lately. Granted, this is basically just a video of sunrises and sunsets, but that is relaxing and the song is not relaxing so now we’re all uneasy in … read more »

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Video: Excepter, “Kill People”

Not that we’re not into Excepter, but there’s a reason (hint: it is that they are abrasive) we put our headphones on whenever we listen to or watch something from dudes. “Kill People” is no … read more »


Video: Excepter, “Burgers”

“Burgers” is Excepter’s first video from the forthcoming DEBT DEPT LP on Paw Tracks. The Brooklyn band have become a lot more interested in weird songs than all-out weirdness as their catalogue extends, so don’t … read more »

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