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D4L’s Fabo is Starting to See “Flying Cars” on Bankhead

Fabo is an unquestioned living legend for certain segments of the rap community–Young Thug even paid tribute in his breakout “Stoner.” His group D4L’s “Laffy Taffy” either represented the pop peak of “snap rap” or … read more »

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Mixtape Saturday: 2 $ Fabo, L’A Capone, ZMoney, Test

Welcome back to Mixtape Saturday, a weekly roundup of great rap tapes around the web hosted by FADER contributor Meaghan Garvey. This week, she talks about 2$ Fabo’s miraculous comeback, OTF’s tribute to slain member … read more »

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Stream: Young Thug f. Wale, “Stoner (Remix)”

As DJ Drama and Miss Info point out, Wale has inserted himself into a new version of Young Thug’s “Stoner,” the percolating-since-September street hit that’s now approaching 2 million YouTube views. Don’t worry: “DATS NOT … read more »

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Video: J. Futuristic f. Fabo, “Up 4 A Week”

Ever since Fabo came back from wherever he was, there’s a new weight to his music. Even as he’s going bananas and howling over every track he’s on, he sounds burdened, bummed out by the … read more »

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Fabo, Gik Tales Mixtape

It kinda sucks that a lot of people are not as familiar with Fabo as they should be. For a second there, post “Laffy Taffy” mega blowup it seemed like he was going to step … read more »

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Freeload: YV f. T-Pain + Fabo, “Own Step”

New song from YV, the dude you’ll probably remember from the Willy Will produced semi-hit “I Got a Dollar.” This time around he’s got T-Pain and the always welcome Fabo, who, once he escapes from … read more »

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Schnipper’s Slept On

Each Tuesday, FADER editor Matthew Schnipper highlights an underappreciated recent release he thinks we need to know about. This week he is writing about Trap Squad’s “What’s Happenin’?” 12-inch which apparently you cannot give them … read more »

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Audio: Bone Crusher f. Fabo & 2 Dolla, “Transform”

Is it weird that hearing Bone Crusher yell “ATTTEENNNCHHUUUUNNNN” after all these years is kind of comforting? Even though he is always yelling he reminds us of the kind of dude who would give us … read more »

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Audio: Fabo, “She Ready”

Fabo is super weird. His voice is a Funkadelic sing-growl and his songs are mostly about encounters with women, told in step-by-step detail—the woman posessing almost supernatural qualities that forever change how he thinks. Why … read more »

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