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Video: Flash Bang Grenada, “Moisturizer”

LA’s strangest fast rap duo of Busdriver and Nocando returns, once again attempting to skewer party music but then landing a much weirder space. The clip moves with a similar arc, starting off goofy then … read more »

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Flash Bang Grenada (Busdriver & Nocando), “I Can Teleport” MP3

When Busdriver sent over “I Can Teleport,” the latest self-leak from his forthcoming collaboration with fellow LA misfit rapper Nocando, it sparked a cross-virtual-cubicle discussion about why records like these don’t ever end up on … read more »

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Stream: Flash Bang Grenada (Busdriver & Nocando), “Beat My Bitch”

Whenever LA’s leading avant-rappers Busdriver and Nocando hop on a record together it tends to have a sort of hardcore, scorned nerd rap revenge sensibility to it. Like when De La Soul got fed up … read more »

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