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Grab Our New Fall/Winter Playlist on Rdio

We love talkin at ya’ll on Facebook and Twitter and hope you wanna keep that conversation flowing tunewise over at Rdio, a streaming music site with a far and deep reaching collection of hits that … read more »

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Video: Flight, “Turns to Blood”

Seems like not that long ago that we were holed up in our apartments jamming weird Flight 10-inches and being like WHO IS MAKING THIS MUSIC AND WHY IS IT SO MYSTERIOUS. Then we found … read more »

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The FADER Issue 70 Podcast MP3

Man, do we have a John Boehner (no Tea Party) for our FADER 70 podcast. It’s a grimy one, reading cover to cover, staring with Yelawolf and ending with Trash Talk. In between, we’ve got … read more »

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Flight, “Johnny’s Mixed Up” Live at the FADER Fort NYC

We’ve been getting down with Flight for a while now and were plenty pleased to see them play at our very own FADER Fort last week. Everyone was psyched on the Mississippi sludge and racket … read more »

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GEN F: Flight

Flight, aka 27-year-old Steven Bevilaqua, is from Oxford, Mississippi, where, as he says, “There are good bands, but people would much rather listen to Sound Tribe Sector 9.” The music he makes couldn’t be further … read more »

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Flight, “Real Estate” MP3

Depending on what day you talk to us, “Real Estate” was probably our favorite song from Flight‘s new EP The Lead Riders. Partially because it seems like it’s about being a teenager and feeling so … read more »

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Premiere Stream: Flight, The Lead Riders EP

There’s a lot to say about Flight‘s new EP The Lead Riders, a swampy, thick record packed with warbled vocals and huge pop hooks. We could talk about how some of the songs on here … read more »

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Flight, “Turns To Blood”

If you have not yet heard of Flight, “Turns To Blood” is the perfect introduction, a freight train made of scrap metal barreling into the sunset. We have become fond of this Mississippian almost solely … read more »

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Stream: FLIGHT, “Johnny’s Mixed Up” (Screwed Version)

When we heard this screwed down FLIGHT song in the middle of an Actual Pain mix we went on some abstract thing about how it sounded like Swamp Thing pounding on a guitar. Now that … read more »

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Flight’s Mixtape for Actual Pain

The text over at the Actual Pain site makes it seem like Mississippi swamp rocker Flight just got so inspired that he made a mixtape and had to send it somewhere as soon as possible. … read more »

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