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Interview: Forest Swords

Matt Barnes, aka Forest Swords, makes deliberate music. His new album, Engravings, out right now on Tri Angle, is built on hypnotic repetition, a strong foundation of dub and an earthy minimalism that sounds ancient … read more »

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Stream: Haleek Maul, “Lobo” (Prod. by Forest Swords)

Forest Swords knocked the beat out the goddamn ball field on “Lobo,” the first Haleek Maul song since last fall’s Mishka mixtape with Supreme Cuts. And the teenaged MC from Barbados holds his own overtop. … read more »

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Stream: Forest Swords, “The Weight Of Gold”

Recently, in his Freak Scene column, Sam Hockley-Smith made an unlikely comparison between ’80s New York No Wave mainstay 99 Records and contemporary Wirral, England producer Matt Barnes, aka Forest Swords, arguing that both, at … read more »

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Freak Scene: Forest Swords and the Shifting Idea of Dub

Right now, the background on my phone is the cover of Vivien Goldman’s Dirty Washing EP, because it is the thing I listen to more than anything else. Goldman is now a professor at NYU, … read more »

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Forest Swords, “Bones” (Ghost Hunter Remix) MP3

Forest Swords helped No Pain in Pop raise over $1700 to aid in the earthquake relief effort in Japan back in May with his Frjee Feather EP. As a thanks, the label has released a … read more »

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Forest Swords Re-releases Music, Helps Japan

Sometimes bummer jams are where it’s at, you know? Forest Swords definitely understands that. Last year’s gorgeous, depressing and ultra-heavy Dagger Paths was on constant repeat, even when we were all smiley. Sometimes it just … read more »

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Stream: Gold Panda’s Marriage EP, Remixes by Star Slinger, Baths and More

Gold Panda deserves some curatorial credit for his new Marriage EP. This remix lineup is so ideal, covering the four corners of our late-train iPods: Star Slinger, Baths, Forest Swords and Halls. It’s a series … read more »

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Forest Swords, “Rattling Cage” MP3

Forest Swords‘ submerged dub continually proves Liverpool’s most famous band hasn’t influenced all of its denizens—we’re pretty sure Lennon liked to smoke a J every now and again, but there’s no way he was ever … read more »

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Forest Swords’ Awesome/ Depressing Mixtape

Forest Swords lives in what seems like a landlocked bog that looks like the place Fever Ray recorded her scarier, swampier videos. Back in August of 2009, he told Dollars to Pounds columnist Scott Wright … read more »

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Dollars to Pounds: Forest Swords

It’s now eight years since Aaliyah’s untimely passing, but her influence continues to lap at distant shores. The Wirral peninsula in north-west England is a dramatic stretch of coastline and muse to Forest Swords, a … read more »

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