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Fort Romeau interview

Dollars to Pounds: Fort Romeau

On club nights, playing keyboards for La Roux and slowing it down. Selim Bulut is a music writer who lives in London. He has the most meticulously organized iTunes folder in the land. He’ll be … read more »

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Fryars, “In My Arms (Fort Romeau Remix)” MP3

Like its literal boy-in-a-bubble music video, embedded below the stream of Fort Romeau’s new remix, something about Fryars‘ original “In My Arms” seemed a little cut off from the world. In Fort Romeau’s disco hands, … read more »

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Stream: CYMBALS, “Like An Animal (Fort Romeau Remix)”

Fort Romeau, the man behind one of our favorite releases on the label 100% Silk, has hopped on CYMBALS’ immersing 9-minute track “Like An Animal,” salting and peppering even more house elements onto the already-dancy … read more »

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Stream: CYMBALS, “Like an Animal”

The post-punk electronic London boys CYMBALS have struck gold with “Like an Animal,” the first song off their forthcoming four-track 12-inch. The song richly blends ’80s new age with an uninterrupted surge of building melodies, … read more »

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Download Nick Catchdubs and HNRL’s Summer School Mixtape

Fools Gold boss Nick Catchdubs gives this gift, a new mixtape from Trackademicks and the HNRL crew, to all the kids doing summer school. Topics covered include great hot-weather activities like double dutch, growing fresh … read more »

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Dauwd, “What’s There (Fort Romeau Remix)” MP3

Aside from both having unexpected U’s in their names, Fort Romeau and Dauwd also have other things in common. Mainly, they both make incredibly smooth productions that build in quiet and unexpected ways but stick … read more »

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Stream: Fort Romeau, “Say Something”

The beginning of Mike Norris bka Fort Romeau’s “Say Something” wobbles in a strangely seductive way. There’s a delicate crackle and warped distortion that’s placed ever so subtly, it would never trip you up on … read more »

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Fort Romeau

Fort Romeau, “Jack Rollin’” MP3

After playing keyboard and programming live shows for the electro-pop duo La Roux, UK-based artist Mike Norris has shifted his attention to producing clean, glossy house as Fort Romeau and is set to release a … read more »

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