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G-Side, “Statue” MP3

After a yearlong hiatus (and, before that, over a decade of making music together), Hunstville, Alabama duo G-Side reunited last November. “Statue” is the first official release from their next album, Gz II Godz (the … read more »

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ST 2 Lettaz, “Trill 2 Da Bone” MP3

After more than a decade rapping together, Alabama duo G-Side broke up this week. Thankfully, ST 2 Lettaz is jumping directly into a solo career. The lead single for his next project R.E.B.E.L., which comes … read more »

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Download Babe Rainbow’s “Greed” Remix EP

Babe Rainbow’s Greed Remix EP, a collection of seven versions of a track the electronic producer made with Yung Clova of G-Side, is a beast unto itself. Taken as a whole, it sounds like what … read more »

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Babe Rainbow f. Yung Clova, “Greed (LOL Boys Remix)” MP3

Even if you heard the original version of Canadian producer Babe Rainbow’s collaboration with Huntsville’s Yung Clova of G-Side, this remix by the LOL Boys will sound completely new. While the original took on a … read more »

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Open Bar: G-Side

ST 2 Lettaz and Yung Clova of Huntsville’s G-Side are the first rappers to have come through Veronica Peoples Club for one of our Open Bar sessions. They sipped on some orange juice then performed … read more »

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Video: G-Side, “Rabbits”

Huntsville duo G-Side is taking the hook almost quite literally in the video for “Rabbits.” ST 2 Lettaz (who directed the clip) and Yung Clova prep to go to war, chain smoking through rabbit masks, … read more »

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Video: Sinden f. G-Side, “G Like Me”

G-Side guide a bus through rural Huntsville in the video for their collaboration with Sinden, “G Like Me.” It’s a nice tour. The camera wisely lingers on stout dollar stores, skyward-shooting fast food signs and … read more »

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Stream: G-Side’s Album, Island

Looming, sublime soundscapes and Tame Impala samples aren’t always the make-up of Southern rap albums, but Huntsville, Alabama visionaries G-Side, along with producers, Block Beataz, have always had a knack for reinvention. That’s not to … read more »

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Sinden f. G-Side, “G Like Me (Brenmar Remix)” MP3

“G Like Me,” a collaboration between UK DJ/Producer Sinden and Huntsville duo G-Side, is a medium-dark, rolling lesson in Social Darwinism. It’s an eat or be eaten world, whether you like it or not. ST … read more »

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Jhi Ali

Download PRGz Born 2 Ball Mixtape

While fellow Huntsville-residents G-Side have taken the Block Beattaz production sound and made a career out of world-weary but excitedly global raps, the PRGz crew is using that same sound as a jumping off point … read more »

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