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Let Em Breathe

Zilla & G-Side’s ST 2 Lettaz Link Up For “Let Em Breathe,” Look Up For Air

Since gaining national spotlight the last few years, Huntsville, AL rappers have been well known for their middle class sensibility. It is a common thread that’s appeared throughout the work of duo G-Side and a … read more »

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G-Side’s Back, Stream their Gz II Godz Visual Album Now

In 2012, Huntsville’s beloved indie rap duo G-Side heralded the end of their four-album and almost decade long run, because, as 2 Lettaz told Spin, “It just felt like it was time.” Out of the … read more »

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G-Side, “Statue” MP3

After a yearlong hiatus (and, before that, over a decade of making music together), Hunstville, Alabama duo G-Side reunited last November. “Statue” is the first official release from their next album, Gz II Godz (the … read more »

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ST 2 Lettaz, “Trill 2 Da Bone” MP3

After more than a decade rapping together, Alabama duo G-Side broke up this week. Thankfully, ST 2 Lettaz is jumping directly into a solo career. The lead single for his next project R.E.B.E.L., which comes … read more »

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Download Babe Rainbow’s “Greed” Remix EP

Babe Rainbow’s Greed Remix EP, a collection of seven versions of a track the electronic producer made with Yung Clova of G-Side, is a beast unto itself. Taken as a whole, it sounds like what … read more »

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Babe Rainbow f. Yung Clova, “Greed (LOL Boys Remix)” MP3

Even if you heard the original version of Canadian producer Babe Rainbow’s collaboration with Huntsville’s Yung Clova of G-Side, this remix by the LOL Boys will sound completely new. While the original took on a … read more »

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Open Bar: G-Side

ST 2 Lettaz and Yung Clova of Huntsville’s G-Side are the first rappers to have come through Veronica Peoples Club for one of our Open Bar sessions. They sipped on some orange juice then performed … read more »

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Video: G-Side, “Rabbits”

Huntsville duo G-Side is taking the hook almost quite literally in the video for “Rabbits.” ST 2 Lettaz (who directed the clip) and Yung Clova prep to go to war, chain smoking through rabbit masks, … read more »

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Video: Sinden f. G-Side, “G Like Me”

G-Side guide a bus through rural Huntsville in the video for their collaboration with Sinden, “G Like Me.” It’s a nice tour. The camera wisely lingers on stout dollar stores, skyward-shooting fast food signs and … read more »

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Stream: G-Side’s Album, Island

Looming, sublime soundscapes and Tame Impala samples aren’t always the make-up of Southern rap albums, but Huntsville, Alabama visionaries G-Side, along with producers, Block Beataz, have always had a knack for reinvention. That’s not to … read more »

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