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Gary War, “Born of Light” MP3

For a second there Gary War was a New York mainstay, playing careening sets of goth mumbling in every warehouse around. Then he disappeared for awhile, and we were left with a confounding set of … read more »

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Raven Sings the Blues Presents Vol. 2

The dudes at Raven Sings the Blues are back with another compilation of demos and unreleased songs from some of our favorite new bands. Highlights include a predictably scuzzy offering from Mississippi’s Flight, as well … read more »

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A Tripwire Guide to the Best Unofficial, Badge Be Damned CMJ Parties

Sort of like a Lonely Planet just for CMJ. And you. read more »

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Video Premiere: Gary War, “Highspeed Drift”

It never occurred to us until we watched this video, but former Ariel Pink bandmate Gary War is making galactic surf pop. Of course, the vocals of that surf pop are buried under enough effects … read more »

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The Singles Collection – Gary War, Personal & The Pizzas

We’re mega pressed for time this week at The Singles Collection, and not wanting to shaft our good friends at Sacred Bones, we’re going to bump them back one more week (we swear this time) so we can give them their due and proper. But, on the plus side, we do have at least one SB-related artist this week, so it’s not completely a wash. Anyway, so much time and so little to do — strike that, reverse it — let’s get onto the singles. read more »

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Audio: Roman Soldiers Scare Us A Little Bit

On one of our increasingly rare MySpace vision quests, we came across Roman Soldiers, a collaboration between vocal effects gurus Gary War and Blank Dogs. Guess what? It’s really gothy, dark and spacy. No word … read more »

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New Music Thursday – Gary War

Despite his low profile and minimalist promotion (note the photo), he’s quite the prolific man. Gary War‘s got a new live tape just released on Blank Dog Mike Sniper’s Captured Tracks, a full-length, Galactic Citizens, coming soon and new 12-inch, Horrible Parade on Woodsist as well as a new 12-inch EP on Captured Tracks and a new 7-inch on Bad Press. read more »

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The Singles Collection – Gary War, Spirit Photography, Pink Noise

This week on the singles collection, we get to delve into a treasure trove from one of our favorite labels — NYC’s always amazing Sacred Bones Records. They’ve just unleashed four new singles (and have another 3 coming in the next couple of weeks) and we’re going to take a look at three of them this week. read more »

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