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Gauntlet Hair, “Righteous Black” MP3

The seventh installment of this summer’s Adult Swim Singles Program comes from reverb-loving Denver duo Gauntlet Hair. “Righteous Black” is a dank, primal track featuring smoggy vocals and a grimy, thunderous bassline. Download it below … read more »

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Video: Gauntlet Hair, “Top Bunk”

Guys! Gauntlet Hair is making my day with their video for “Top Bunk,” which is essentially a carefully cued montage of my favorite former Mr. Olympia-turned-extra-dubious-politico, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Particularly stellar transition from Predator’s familial scenes … read more »

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CMJourneyz 2011: FADER Interns see Youth of Today and Kendrick Lamar, Get Piggybacked by Tall Strangers

We didn’t have enough pull to send our interns on a sweater shopping spree with Drake while he was in town for Fashion Week, so we promised them the next-best New York experience: CMJ, with … read more »

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Contest: Win This Yellow Gauntlet Hair Record

Do you like vinyl? Do you like colored vinyl? What about vinyl that is colored yellow? What about Gauntlet Hair? If you answered yes to all these questions, then you probably want some free Gauntlet … read more »

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Kenneth Cole Reaction Re-Play Mix #4

Stream and download the fourth of four mixes in our Kenneth Cole Reaction Re-Play series. Geographically speaking, this final mix is our most globe-trotting, showcasing inspiring turns from artists from California to Nashville to Gothenburg, … read more »

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Gauntlet Hair, “Keep Time” MP3

You can’t help but wonder if Gauntlet Hair feels a bit musically marooned out there in the mile-high city, but listening to a track like “Keep Time” you also understand how weirdly appropriate it is. … read more »

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Gauntlet Hair, “Top Bunk” MP3

This Gauntlet Hair track sounds like it was recorded live in an empty concert hall that has a high ceiling and huge columns. This is not a bad thing though, it lends a huge, dense … read more »

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Gauntlet Hair, “Out, Don’t” MP3

Just checked iTunes to see how many times we’ve listened to the four Gauntlet Hair tracks we’ve got in there, and it only claims a paltry 22 times. iTunes, you’re a goddamn liar! We are … read more »

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Gauntlet Hair, “Our Scenery” MP3

What makes Gauntlet Hair great is their perfectly beautiful storm of off-kilter guitars and mountain-scaling harmonies. “Our Scenery” is a glittering diamond of a long pop song, now captured for the ages on the swirly … read more »

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Video: Gauntlet Hair, “I Was Thinking”

This video, shot in the snowy mountains of Colorado by Caitlin McNichols, reflects the pared-down, simple joy of the song: vast, pure and slightly hazy. And Gauntlet Hair‘s little dog leaps and pounces like a … read more »

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