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Video: Glasser, “Shape”

When it was first released, the mercurial video Cameron Mesirow of Glasser used to share “Shape,” the first single from her recent Interiors, seemed like a very close visual approximation of not only her bass-heavy … read more »

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Dirty Work

Eight musicians look bag on their first gigs From the magazine: ISSUE 88, October/November 2013 Adolescence is an uncomfortable time for everyone, but for those of us obliged to enter the work force at that … read more »

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Video: Glasser, “Shape”

“Shape,” the opening track on Cameron Mesirow’s sophomore album, announced today to come out in October, sounds for one millisecond like a choral Grizzly Bear song then five minutes like 100 percent Glasser. The production … read more »

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Stream: Chad Valley f. Glasser, “Fall 4 U” (Lissvik Remix)

There’s a certain point in life where your idea of partying becomes chilling on the beach for like nine hours before going home, making your own guacamole and then going to sleep. It’s not a … read more »

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Glasser Makes A Film About Her Album

Nobody could ever claim that Glasser hasn’t fully realized the potential of her 2010 LP Ring, having toured, remixed and performed the record for over a year now. Maybe she’s on the brink of something … read more »

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GEN F: Glasser

Cameron Mesirow doesn’t speak like she sings. Driving home on her lunch break, she sounds plainly sunny, like a California girl. But as Glasser, she has a bright glisten, a quiver that is elusive as … read more »

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Glasser, “Treasury of We” (Delorean Remix) MP3

Delorean got their manos on Glasser’s “Treasury of We,” stripping away all the fancy footwork of the original, and turning it into a straight up dance song, looping and layering Glasser’s vocals, making them less … read more »

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Stream: John Talabot f. Glasser, “Families”

“Families” is the title track off John Talabot’s forthcoming EP (out May 9th on Young Turks). And judging by the album art, we’re guessing he’s talking about family in the taxonomic sense. Like, John Talabot … read more »

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Maud’s Bigger in Texas: Day 3

Last night I had a dream that I was sitting at the Driskill hotel, the beautiful southern gothic inn smack in the middle of Austin’s 6th street madness, with my boyfriend, and he was getting … read more »

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Video: Glasser Live on Jimmy Fallon

Glasser‘s hat played Fallon last night. Glasser also performed. Making her television debut, Cameron Mesirow and her crew performed “Mirrorage” (embed courtesy of Audio Perv). Those of you without QR code readers, feel free to … read more »

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