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Stream: Gonzales, “Marvin’s Room”

Chilly Gonzales is a great piano player. A lot of people work with him, like Feist and Drake, the latter of whom used his skills as a crucial part of his hit “Marvin’s Room.” This … read more »

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Gonzales, “Never Stop” MP3

For the first single off his new record, Chilly Gonzales gave his indelible piano a cascade of handclaps, detaching enough from his virtuosity to let “Never Stop” live as a no-frills dance record, slouching towards … read more »

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We Are Not Afraid to Admit That We Have Pianist Envy

Chilly Gonzales née Gonzales has long been one of those characters who is a hero in these halls but whose genius seems underappreciated in the wider world. He is partially or wholly responsible for many … read more »

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Lou Doillon Cries on Gonzales’ Piano For Vanessa Bruno

Director Stéphanie Di Gusto, also known as Paf le Chien or Paf the dog in English, put Lou Doillon in a lonely melancholy cave last season for Vanessa Bruno‘s fall 2009 video installation, giving her … read more »

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50 Cent, “Many Men (Gonzales Piano RMX)” MP3

No knock to Digga, original producer of “Many Men,” but this is clearly how this song is supposed to be heard—as a dead-serious hymnal with the dread, drama and narcotic solemnity imbued by Gonzales‘ piano … read more »

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Video: Marina & the Diamonds and Gonzales, “Hollywood”

If you’ve always wanted to know how to sing Marina‘s scathing “Hollywood” in Estonian (who hasn’t?), here is your chance. After Gonzales reworked Marina’s quickly-rising-hit “Hollywood” with a full orchestral version, they performed it together … read more »

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Video: Gonzales vs Andrew WK

What began as a duel between two of the game’s biggest pianists, soon turned into a duet of banging and tickling. Whoa… hold on. Let’s start that over. A few weeks ago, Feist collaborator and … read more »

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Canadian Producer Gonzales Has Nothing On Chronic Masturbator

A short 27 hours, three minutes, and 44 seconds put Canadian producer and musician Gonzales as the new record holder of the longest solo concert in the Guinness Book of World Records over the weekend. read more »

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Video/Freeload: Gonzales, “Working Together”

We’re kind of surprised the world hasn’t attached itself to this song more solidly. It’s been playing on FADER office radio since January and yet there still is no clever tv commercial with it as … read more »

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Audio: Feist, “I Feel It All” (Gonzales Remix)

We have been on a huge Gonzales kick lately (also a puppet kick) so when we heard this remix, full of tiny synths and even smaller handclaps we envisioned a little puppet Kraftwerkian orchestra wearing … read more »

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