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Halls Announces New Album, Love to Give

FADER PREMIERE South Londoner Halls’ debut album, Ark, was a mournful, hushed favorite of mine last year, and today he’s back to announce its followup. Love to Give comes out February 11th via No Pain … read more »

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Video: Halls, “Reverie”

No Pain in Pop have just released an extended version of Halls’ great, hushed debut LP, Ark, which is still streaming in its original form here from its first go-round last fall. The new version … read more »

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Stream Halls’ Album Ark

Halls knows when to be quiet. On “White Chalk,” from the South Londoner’s debut album, Ark, a gothic choir hums for a minute then holds their breath for Halls to tap a single piano key. … read more »

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Halls, “Roses For The Dead” MP3

Based on title alone, it’s pretty clear that Halls’ “Roses For The Dead” is not going to be a very happy song. That’s alright though. Halls is great at creating these dark mini-universes of hushed … read more »

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Video: Halls, “White Chalk”

South London’s Halls teams up once again with Sebastian Nevols of BBC’s Blue Planet on the video for “White Chalk.” Like the haunting track from his forthcoming full-length debut, Ark, the visuals explore negative space. … read more »

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Video: Halls, “I Am Not Who You Want”

A lot of people probably don’t think about this, but the writers at FADER take the screenshots for all the music video posts you see on the front page. It’s a hidden joy, pausing clips … read more »

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Stream: Halls and Sun Glitters’ Split EP

Today, Halls and Sun Glitters released a trans-European four track split EP, each contributing one original song and a remix of the other’s work, available with unique cover art via both producers’ Bandcamps (here and … read more »

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theme park

Theme Park, “Wax (Halls Remix)” MP3

Theme Park‘s “Wax” (out August 29th on Paradyse) climaxes with an inspirational call-and-response chorus—We got the love, we got the night/ We got the time, we got the fight. It’s a naive young couple’s rallying … read more »

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Video: Halls, “Solace”

Halls has been in our heads for two weeks now, reigning over our iPods after contributing a remix to Gold Panda‘s flawless Marriage EP. With his new three-song “Solace” single, whose title track is featured … read more »

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Stream: Gold Panda’s Marriage EP, Remixes by Star Slinger, Baths and More

Gold Panda deserves some curatorial credit for his new Marriage EP. This remix lineup is so ideal, covering the four corners of our late-train iPods: Star Slinger, Baths, Forest Swords and Halls. It’s a series … read more »

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